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Australian stem cell scientists attend ISSCR 2014
National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia funded 5 travel awards for PhD students or early career researchers to attend the 12th annual meeting of the International Society of Stem Cell Research held recently in Vancouver. All of the recipients had a great experience and really used this opportunity to extend their research potential “I got to discuss my scientific and entrepreneurial ambitions with the best biotech entrepreneurs in the field” Nilay Thakard. Read their complete report…

Photographed at the meeting: Luke Aris Diepeveen (University of Western Australia, WA), Jean Tan (Monash Institute of Medical Research, Victoria), Nilay Thakard (University of Queensland, Queensland) and Julie-Ann Hulin (Flinders University, SA). Absent Gautam Wali (Griffith University, QLD)


Unproven stem cell therapies what to look out for
Assessment of proposed stem cell treatments through clinical trials is used to determine the treatment’s safety and effectiveness, with the results published for transparency and further education.  We have, in conjunction with Stem Cells Australia and the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia, prepared a brochure []to assist you in your search for more information.... 

High school students meet stem cell scientists at ASSCR 2013
Over 160 students and teachers from six Brisbane joined stem cell scientists to watch the award winning documentary "Stem Cell Revolutions" and have their questions answered by a panel of experts.... Read the whole story!