About Us

Aims and Objectives

The Society aims to promote the disciplines of stem cell biology and therapies in Australasia, to promote education and research and to disseminate scientific information.

Our specific objectives:

To support stem cell research and encourage scientific exchange to promote research within our region.

This will involve facilitation of networks within the stem cell research community in Australia and New Zealand, and worldwide.

To provide all interested parties with the opportunity to access information relating to scientific, medical and ethical advances in the broad field of stem cell research. A particular emphasis of The Society will be to communicate this information to the general public.


Australian and New Zealand stem cell scientists gathered to establish a regional stem cell society during the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Conference, held in Cairns 2007. Around 40 stem cell scientists from around Australia and New Zealand voted overwhelmingly in favour.

A steering committee of representative scientists throughout Australia and New Zealand consolidated the aims and rules of the society. The ASSCR became an Incorporated Association registered in Victoria, Australia in January 2008.

The Rules of the ASSCR 

The ASSCR Webpage

The ASSCR webpage is for all ASSCR members. The webpage will also be informative for anyone interested in stem cell research in Australia and New Zealand. We welcome members to submit material to be published on the webpage. The type of contributions is flexible; articles for the public information area, articles about your research interests, cartoons or stem cell images for the Photo Gallery. The News section is for you to advertise your stem cell event as well as for other members to find out about it. We also encourage members to try out facilitating a subject for discussion in our Forum section.

We hope the ASSCR webpage will become interactive and a way for members to converse with each other. We also encourage self-promotion with links to your research website or other external links. Please let us know, if you have other ideas for the website or would like to contribute news or articles, email info@asscr.org.