Donate to ASSCR

The ASSCR is a volunteer organisation that promotes stem cell research and clinical translation in Australasia.

The ASSCR is a registered Australian charity and deductible gift recipient.


Your support will help the ASSCR:

• engage the public, patients, researchers and policy-makers on issues relating to stem cells and regenerative medicine

• promote stem cell research and the application of regenerative medicine therapies in Australasia


To make a donation you will need to create a Currinda profile within our membership system, this will allow you to reprint your donation receipt at any time in the future.

When creating your profile you will be joining ASSCR as a supporting member. You will be able to opt out of future communications, if you do not wish to be contacted.

Just click on the Donation link below and then click on “Begin here”.


If you are an existing ASSCR member or already have a Currinda profile you can make a donation using your existing login.