Joint 10th AGCTS and ASSCR Scientific Meeting
Accelerating Personalised Medicine: Stem Cells, Gene and Cell Therapy
24th-26th May 2017, Aerial Function Centre, University of Technology Sydney, NSW

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Presentations and posters awards:

ECR Oral Award, Dr Benjamin Cao (CSIRO) Chemosensitisation of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia using a Small Molecule Integrin Antagonist

Student Oral Award, Dr Thomas Forbes (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Gene correction of IFT140 mutation rescues ciliary phenotype in patient iPSC-derived kidney organoids.

Student Poster Award, Ms Ana Rita Leitoguinho (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), The role for the VENTX homeobox gene during human primordial germ cell (hPGC) development.

Joint AGCTS & ASSCR Conference Organising Committee

  • Rose Martiniello-Wilks (President AGCTS)
  • Melissa Little (President ASSCR)
  • Jim Vadolas (Vice-President AGCTS)
  • Ed Stanley (Vice-President ASSCR)
  • Ian Alexander (Life-Time Member AGCTS)
  • Ann Simpson (Treasurer AGCTS)
  • Robyn Meech (Treasurer ASSCR)
  • Samantha Ginn (Secretary AGCTS)
  • Michael Morris (Secretary ASSCR)
  • Margret Schuller (Committee Member ASSCR)
  • Sharon Cunningham (Exec Member AGCTS)
  • Helen Abud (Committee Member ASSCR)
  • Paul Gregorevic (Exec Member AGCTS)
  • Michael Doran (Committee Member ASSCR)
  • Trish Barber (Member ASSCR)

2017 Sponsorship of the combined ASSCR/AGCTS annual meeting

The AGCTS Executive Committee would like to acknowledge and thank our Sponsors for their generous support of the combined annual meeting.


Murdoch UniversitySydney ChildrensChildren’s Medical Research Institute

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